A Zen in IPod clothing

By January 7, 20062 Comments

I’ve been toying with the idea of an MP3 player for a while. My assumed role of Chief Geek within my friends and family circle means that everyone assumes I’ve already got one – creative.jpgbut I have been holding out. Mindful of the mantra that’s been drummed into me as since I was very small – and those who’ve seen me will know that must have been a *long* time ago – I hate following a crowd. In my mind, the Apple Ipod has been far and away the best MP3 player for a while, a fact that meant I cannot get one. My recent trip with Nick to the Best of Stuff Show showed, however, that nothing matched up to it in any way. However, I have finally discovered what may be the zenith of my affections – the Creative Zen Vision:M. It isn’t out in the UK yet, but as you can see it’s very similar to the IPod but can do a whole lot more – a fact that warms my cockles. This review is certainly complementary. And it means you’re not tied to iTunes, or following the crowd. In short, it won’t make you a chained-up sheepy lemming.
But hey, I know there are more geeky people than me who will read this. Anyone got any other recommendations?


  • Dont waste your money, as a business journalist, I find more and more of my business friends returning to the notebook and pen. It is simple, cheap and reliable. If you instist on gadgest to store music I find the Sony New Mp3 Walkman Ok, the trouble I dont like to hear the music on earphones, it gives me a headache see http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/MP3%20Player%20Review.htm#_pocket_MP3_player

  • Bazooka says:

    I compared the specs, because I was also thinking of buying a zen, but if you compare the specs you can see that they market in totally different areas. The zen has a long battery span (Nearly 24 Hours) yet it is much heavier. Apple has done a service by introducing 60GB of pure Ipod power (thats about 15,000 songs) for the same price as you can get the 30GB Zen (7,500 songs). While picking up something noones heard about might be good in some instances, There is a reason why Apple is the economic tiger of the MP3 world. This is one instance that Apple overtakes Microsoft, and any other company for that matter. I’ll be sticking with my Ipod for a long time, and though i’ve had reports of Ipod’s breaking, it seems to only be the mini’s and some of the nano’s.

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