UK Torture Memo – published!

By December 30, 2005One Comment

I’ve been a little out of the loop with Bloggerheads recently, owing mainly to the incessant work coming in from my *real* job. But he and his team of merry men have gone and planted a bomb underneath the government this time, Guy Fawkes style. Craig Murray, on a site that Tim and I built, has published the UK Torture Memos defied the government’s ban. And, true to form, someone has immediately brought down the site. Odd, that. Never mind, it’ll be up soon – and with good forthought the memo has been simultaneously published and linked on many other weblogs.So let me join in:
This post at Bloggerheads has the background information.
Here is the Bloggerheads post tracking the reaction the the memo publication.
– AAAAAND FINALLY… Here’s the link to Craig’s Torture Memo post. Have fun, newspaper editors…

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