Email Karma

By December 15, 2005No Comments

Debbie, my desk buddy at work, has been away for a week sampling the delights of New York with her boyfriend. Cleverly, this time she had forwarded her phones and email to our manager Mark, in case things were missed while she was gone.
Arriving back at work this morning she waded through outstanding things, while regaling us with perfect tales of iceskating in Central Park and shopping in Macy’s and Bloomingdales. During the morning, our new Managing Director announced he was leaving for the airport – and it dawned on us that there was no-one in management left in the building. Emails flew around the office about going home early, what plans there were for tomorrow night – our monthly office “bonding session” in the pub – and how it was generally great that there were no managers in.
After half an hour, an email came into Debbie’s inbox from our manager Mark.
“Debbie,” it started. “You might want to think about turning me off your email autoforwarding now.”

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