Blown Away

By September 2, 2005No Comments

New Orleans. I’d always wondered what it’s like. Now, I suppose, only photographs and video will be able to tell me thanks to Hurricane Katrina. If you need a wake up call as to how the situation has descended into anarchy, read this email that was sent to BoingBoing, and read this account of the current anarchy in what used to be one of the iconic cities of America. Watching the news last night, they revealed that with rivers covering the sides and a huge lake on the fourth, it was such a precariously-placed city that its no wonder it would eventually succumb. The defences, bizarrely, were only built to deal with a Category Three storm. Hurricane Katrina at points became a top-notch Category One hurricane.
Of course, it’s not just New Orleans that has taken the brunt. Gulfport has been utterly thrashed. have a look at the photos on Flickr for up to the minute sights and minds…

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