A lunchtime slice of double entendre

By April 6, 2005One Comment

“I’m just going out to find something to put on Debbie’s baps.” My opening gambit wasn’t going well. As the office turned around in astonishment, I made my excuses and left. Waitrose was calling, and this lunchtime Debbie had supplied two spare bread rolls for me. I scoured the cheese and ham counters, and waltzed to the checkout some minutes later with some honey roast ham, a sizeable chuck of Swaledale cheese, some grapes for Debbie and a couple of Conference pears for another colleague. The checkout lady fondled the pears. “Oooh, they’re hard”, she observed, and then a moment later and much louder, “would you like a softer pair?”
The laughter died down a few seconds later, and after thanking her for the offer,I declined, saying entirely innocently that my colleague “likes them hard”.
I’m still tittering like a child an hour later.

One Comment

  • steph says:

    oh , Simon your understatements :))
    really …under the cheek ? you know the exact terms for your lovely puns :))) A bon entendeur salut !
    Too idiomatic to translate , so ask for Jac’s help , he ‘s so brilliant for that too ? yes indeed
    absolument, absolument !!!
    a very posh punctuation like your well well i mean but here …

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