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There are some geek moments that transcend geekery. I had just such a revelation tonight, as I discovered LastFM. LastFM is an online radio station that plays music that it knows you’ll like. It looks at your computer, looks and the music files and CDs you’ve played, and cobbles together a playlist not only of songs you’ve got, but also songs that other LastFM listeners with similar tastes have played before and liked. Thereby allowing you to find other music acts you’ll like with consummate ease. It’s utter genious, and is the next logical step from the people behind Audioscrobbler, a website that logs your played music and creates huge mounds of statistics and recommendations. In fact, for “people” read “person” – as far as I remember a student called Richard started it a few years ago for a university project while most of us were settling down to lifestyle of debauchery at the Student Union. From little acorns, Richard…


  • Paul says:


    1. With reference to classical pagan belief: The tutelary god or attendant spirit allotted to every person at his birth, to govern his fortunes and determine his character, and finally to conduct him out of the world; also, the tutelary and controlling spirit similarly connected with a place, an institution, etc. (Now only in sing.)
    In the first two quots. Genius is the proper name of an allegorical person who in the Rom. de la Rose represents the native moral instincts of mankind as setting bounds to the range of sexual passion.

    [Ed – and another 1145 words… suitably thorough, Paul…]

  • shunta says:

    Still not getting out much then Paul?

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