Cap’n Jack

By November 27, 2004One Comment

When I was at college, in amongst the hormones, alcohol and downright fun there were genuine good eggs – people who no-one had a bad word to say about, who got on with life in the happiest way possible. One of these was Jack Perschke, who I assumed would bumble through life, just being… well, nice.
So you could’ve dressed me in tights and called me Mildred when he emailed me a couple of months ago, telling me he’s grown a beard, used to be a soldier and is currently an aid worker in Afghanistan having a “mad time” clearing bombs and suchlike. He’s a bit of a photographer too – have a look at his website for a “Jack’s Eye View” (does that sound a little rude?) of his peacetime operations out there. Good luck, Jack, you crazed fool!

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