Hoppy Bifday To Me

By October 26, 20044 Comments

“Are you woken at 6.30am to open presents? Do you have a general feeling of fun and frivolity? It must be your birthday!”
UPDATE: 3 double chocolate muffins, 3 chocolate brownies, 6 cream cakes, 4 iced buns, 2 Wallace and Gromit-shaped shortbreads biscuits and a box of chocolate Heroes duly delivered to the office. Currently feeling ill.


  • steph says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire Alors !
    I must remember that date , yes as the 26th of october is my father’s birthday too (and i remember that i told you that last year, i think even if i do know it’s not so important to you ( i mean about my dad…) , well, don’t make the fool of yourself , just a little fun with friends as usual ?)

    All the best for you Simon and it’s always a pleasure to read the “tongue in cheek” smart man’s blog


  • Wibbler says:

    My my Steph, my little French webby visitor, you’ve been reading for years! Thanks, old chum…

  • shunta says:

    So you have cut down on your food intake for your birthday then……..

  • Jac says:

    no, that was breakfast. You should have SEEN what he had for lunch.

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