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It’s not often I write a post about something other than me. In fact, truth be told, it’s not often I write a post at all at present. But this evening I thought I’d come over all musical on you and plug a band which really should have had more success. And while I know the naming of them on wibbler.com is not even going to send a ripple through their fanbase membership figures, I thought I’d do my bit. It’s the least I can do for all the pleasure their CDs have given me. Who are they? Easyworld.
I was introduced to them in one of those long dark nights in December 2002, at a farewell gig for the now departed Toploader. We didn’t realise it was a farewell gig, of course – just as we didn’t realise that one of their support bands would completely outshine them. Up stepped Dav Ford, Easyworld’s frontman and musical genius, and gave us song after song that belied their appearance. It was rocky, it was indie, it was all sorts of wierd and wonderful things – and from that day on, I’ve been a firm fan. Dav, I’ve been reliably informed, can play the guitar, piano and sing at the same time. You’ve probably never heard of them, so pop over to www.easyworldinfo.co.uk and have a gawp. I’m just pluggin’ is all…
UPDATE: Oh. Thay’ve split up. Was it something I said?

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