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By August 12, 20042 Comments

Rapist wins ?7m on lottery
Yes, he’s probably a bad man. But he’s been tried, convicted, serving life in prison, and after all it is a “lottery”. Anyone can win it, even if their not angelic. I’m with Boris on this one.

Hutton fails to find leak culprit
This ‘urgent’ investigation took 196 days to find… well, nothing. They can’t find anybody who did anything wrong. He makes no findings whatsoever. What a surprise. As Bloggerheads rily observes, “but, hey… it’s six months down the track and the Olympics start in a day or two. Who’s going to care?”


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  • Jac says:

    Agree with Boris. It’s (supposed to be) a free country, he was free to buy the ticket and by jove he won. He’s a lucky man, agreed, but his victims are now going to sue so he probably won’t see a penny of it.

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