Good socks are hard to come by.

By May 30, 20047 Comments

I have a feeling that great sockmakers all over the world have no idea of the needs of the average sock-wearing person. I’ve just spent a goodly 20 minutes sorting, pairing, and cursing a gargantuan mound of them, somehow coming away with five spares. It’s a chore many of us do, I’ll wager – albeit a chore I usually leave to my overworked mother. None of them adequately fit my vision of a good sock – or if they did, the elastic in them is so battered by my great big feet and sizable legs that they flap around at ankle height for most of the day.
What I need in a sock isn’t a lot to ask – black, elasticated top (although not too tight – I have tree trunks for legs, truth be told), with the top end around 5 inches above the ankle. Simple? Hell no.
So what I’m really angling for is good, well thought out sock recommendations. Anyone?


  • Matt says:

    Have you had a quiet weekend by any chance?!!

  • Wibbler says:

    Yes. Does it show?

  • Jac says:

    oh put a sock in it

  • Paul says:

    Don’t go looking for a sock that won’t let you down…it doesn’t exist. Instead, adopt my ploy of mentioning the lack of socks to your Mum at every available opportunity. Regular as clockwork on Birthdays and Christmas (and at other odd points in the year if the mood takes her) I get a brand new delivery of M & S black socks…at which point I throw out all the aforementioned ‘odd’ and ‘skanky’ socks and fill my drawer with fresh ones. It is a simple systems. Thank god for Mums in general, but particularly my one.

  • Ginny says:

    Ah…the socks. I do believe it to be the first time Simon has sorted his own socks in twentyfive and three-quarter years. I thought it not too much to ask. It has taken the best part of three months to organise him to do it – just the once and he is complaining already!! Paul, your idea is brilliant – send over your mother’s phone number and Simon can give her a ring to let her know where to send them! Give her my love, by the way!

  • Wibbler says:

    Damn damn damn, my mother stole my mother joke. How ironic.

  • Ginny says:

    Now you know from whence you inherited your wonderful sense of humour – eh?!

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