Good Friday?

By April 9, 2004No Comments

Around this time every year, a little employment rage hits your estimable host. Early Easter rush starts, reports BBC News. “People won’t be back at work until Tuesday morning!” they crow.
Allow me a moment to rant.
I work in IT for a company in the retail sector, an area which is admittedly very competitive. Shops barely shut on any day of the year, and this company’s ones are no exception. Last minute Easter trinkets to buy, presents to get, all opportunities that can’t be missed.
So they need all the help they can get, staff-wise, for minimal cost. And this is the meat of my gripe.
“Good Friday is a normal working day” they announce from deep in the bowels of Head Office. “What?”, we query – surely that fact it has a special name means it is anything but a normal day? “Nope”, they proffer, “Good Friday is a public holiday, not a bank holiday. No day off, no extra money. Like it or lump it”. And this, coming from the very same Head Office that is taking a day off on Good Friday.
I know of no other retail company that, if their staff have to work on Good Friday, doesn’t compensate them for doing so. What’s more, almost every other sector does have the day off – meaning anyone battling public transport to get to work is going to face an uphill struggle. Quite possibly literally.
Rant over. On the plus side, I only saw approximately 15 cars on the road this morning – my loathsome morning traffic jams were nonexistant…

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