Belle De Speeling

By March 24, 2004No Comments

Such is the clamour for news of Belle de Jour’s identity, I’m sure the spelling of the word “seperate” (sic) in her latest post will cause all sorts of new and profoundly wrong claims about who (s)he is. If I was to analyse this little nugget, I would surmise that this fairly elementary mistake shows that she may not be an established writer, but also conversely that she doesn’t use the Blogger spellcheck (indicating that she’s usually an immaculate speller). But hey, I’m pretending not to be intrigued.
On second thoughts, shall I start the ball rolling? A quick search of Google throws up the names of Richard Spelling and, worryingly, Lisa Hilton again. Ah well, perhaps we’ll never know. It’s just as likely to be an autistic farmer from Wiltshire.

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