Belle De Jour – unmasked again…

By March 18, 2004One Comment

Belle de Jour, to those how are later on the draw that even I was this afternoon (videos, phonecalls and a particularly good FHM took up a goodly 4 hours), may have been unmasked by The Times. Although she may have been unmasked a couple of days ago too. And there’s a new rumour that it is in fact Lisa Hilton (here’s an article by Lisa that’s very Belle). In fact, everyone wants to be the author. The only one denying it’s them is Belle herself
I think a clue’s in the website address. belledejour-uk. why put the “UK” bit in? Was someone using “belledejour” already? Or was it part of a global strategy from someone who doesn’t live in the UK anyway? Whatever – I’d prefer not to know. More anonymous is more fun, as someone might have said.

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