An even smaller world

By March 4, 2004No Comments

It’s A Small World – episode 2.
An old friend David B currently toils as a wage-slave for an accountancy firm in Kent. They’ve drafted in the auditors today, and David managed to strike up a conversation with one amidst the humdrum of work. They went to the pub (bear with me, the story gets better). Over a creamy chicken salad, David mentioned that he came from Haslemere. “That’s where my girlfriend lives,” pipes up Ed the auditor before asking that million-to-one question that always comes up between the recently-introduced, “do you know Elli?”. And sure enough, one of those amazing concidences descends on that pub a million-ish miles from home, as David explains that Elli C is in fact one of his best college friends, and over a nice well-headed Kronenburg discover that despite having only just met they have rather a lot in common…

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