Saddam pictures

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  • Marcos says:

    I think they should let Saddam go, he wasn’t as bad as the americans show him, and for those who say that he killed many people, I don’t know who is worst, if Saddam or all the american presidents who supported the Dictatorships in Latin America than killed thousands of people, (30.000 only in Argentina)… they killed indirectly all these people and stil continue killing inocents in Iraq. Also supporting Israel, they should just leave the place as they stole it from Palestine… thieves! Nothing wrong with Jews or American people, but yes with the Israel and American system.

  • Aarrrrgh says:

    Well done, mission accomplished!

    It makes me happy and I am celebrating the hanging of this Islamic bastard.
    Well done Iraqi and American administration officials and my congratulation!
    I congratulate especially G. W. Bush for his braveness and consider him as a real hero.
    If I could, I even would represent him for the Nobel Peace Price because for his efforts to world peace.
    Now, since Iraq has been liberated and has the first time to enjoy liberty and freedom, the world should relax and look onwards and remember this as day of joy and happiness.
    Since Iraq is reach on oil, it should well pay for our war expenses and for the crimes committed against brave peace loving Americans. Iraq can easily spare at least 50% of the oil revenues to pay us back, because we were dragged into this war by Saddam.
    I am also happy about the good timing of this very good justice.
    The beginning of the Islamic Eid festival was the right time and should send a clear message to the Islamic Sunni criminals around there.
    Indeed it is interesting to see the evil coming almost all from Islamic tyrants and it should be a warning to very close neighbors. We should (and I hope we will) take next a close eye on Iran and Syria and take special care of them.
    I hope that they learned that lesson, not to mess with brave America and that rather sooner then later the tyrants in this country will be overthrown and that the people can enjoy liberty
    the only way, the American way.
    Especially the evil system in Iran should be removed quickly and if needed even with the help of some nukes. Some casualties of course will have to be accepted, but I think that it would be worth, when freedom will replace tyranny and history in the end will prove us as the real good once. (There is a saying which is a good one: better an end with horror, then a horror without end) In the end people will cheer us for our bravery and for our strong will to spread democracy.
    Where have been all this stubborn and old fashion Europeans (except UK) in the time of danger, when we needed them most. Only lamenting like a group of chickens, well the dinos have vanished also and soon the world will realize that there is no space for European style politics in a modern age any more. The Hague and the alike are relicts of the past and are insignificant as is a useless body like the UN not to talk about AI (keep dreaming).
    We Americans should cancel our membership, because we don’t need them and we should use the money rather for our militia in the wholly war against terror. Every dead terrorist is a
    good man and we should offer the world as our gift the transformation from terrorist to good man.
    Dear world, enjoy this happy day and open a good bottle to celebrate this day of heroic act. It’s the milestone which we needed so desperately and now the great god just has given us this important victory.
    Congratulation to Iraq and enjoy your liberty which we have fought so hard for you.
    God bless America
    (and to hell with all our enemies)

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