I Believe in the BBC

By February 3, 2004No Comments

Blair obviously thinks he’s on to a winner with these Inquiries. First the whitewash, now the obscure-question-that-nobody-asked Inquiry. We all want to know the reasons we went to war, and why Blair made the decision. So what does he do? Order an enquiry into intelligence services that, whatever the outcome, doesn’t even touch any political decisions made by him. I’m in awe of the audacity.
But back to the great white Hutton Report. Tim, of bloggerheads fame, has started a campaign to support the BBC in its troubled times:

Click here to find out why.

Click it. Go on. And as Expat says, “The BBC is a venerable institution providing a service to the world, and to have it crippled or eliminated on the basis of an increasingly questionable government investigation would be a travesty.” A travesty that Rupert Murdoch would be pleased about – his media empire loyally reporting the BBC’s demise in America is enough to make you retch…

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