Merry Christmas

By December 24, 2003One Comment

Merry Christmas you lot!
As I reach over for yet another mince pie before I start on the mountain of shortbread I have beside me, I thought I’d sit down and write a little missive to you all. I probably won’t have time for posting inane stuff over the next week, so I’d like to thank you all for coming here – after all, without that little visitor counter at the bottom rocketing up, I’d have given this all up long ago. I’d like to thank bloggerheads for all the linkage, and the two invitations of a beer that I’ve had to turn down. Hell, I’ll even thank Michelle, for putting up with me being constantly glued to the computer screen. And mum and dad, for the same reason. And Jac and Nick for the constant flow of emails.
So, here’s to another year. I suspect the next few days will be a flurry of pints, presents and perfunctory fun. I hope you all have good Christmasses if I don’t see you, and have several sherries for me…

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