Hampton Court ghost

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  • JohnB says:

    I think that this could be something important, unless proven to be a hoax, for which there is, as yet, no evidence. My weblog on this is @ http://esolutionswork.com/research/

  • Barb e says:

    I’d love to know if there is anymore on this sighting…and why did the doors open BEFORE the ghost got to them? THEN he closed them and one opened up again?! If it’s a true ghost sighting then I think it’s very important.

  • I?m quite interested in all the posted comments, first and foremost as one of the guys contacted in to fit the CCTV I know more than most people on this subject and can say that the clip is 100% genuine. The reason we were called out was for some unknown reason the firedoors constantly opened by themselves without anyone being present and by placing CCTV security at the Palace to monitor the situation, sure enough after a while the doors opened in this area without public access (and no staff were around either)showing quite clearly the culprit, it?s up to the viewer what the decide but I?m fed up with people saying its someone dressed up for a publicity stunt ? believe me it isn?t.
    Dave S

  • Wibbler says:

    I’m pleased at the interest my post has generated, and I’d like to interrogate David on a technical level. David, both the email address and web address you gave are false. Not casting any bad vibes, but if you could provide real details of the company you work for – who you say fitted the cameras – we can investigate further…

  • Jac says:


  • I think Henry viii is the ghost because if you look closely at the picture the ghost is wearing a hat and a long fat coat.

  • harley grundy says:

    the ghost is fake i look at this over and over and think it’s rubbish

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