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Things I’ve forgotten to tell you:
– I went to see Bottom Live 2003 at the Hammersmith Apollo a couple of Saturdays ago.
– I went for a meal with various bods on Petersfield last Saturday.
– I celebrated Pete C’s birthday in style last Friday in Guildford.
There. I feel much better.


  • Tony says:

    You also happened to go see SWAT with the Bean, your missus, and myself. And we ended up in the pizza joint way after closing, hoping against hope that our pizzas would come out fresh and ‘untouched’ by the chefs who we’d obviously pissed off.

    oh, and you did sit in the car for two and a half hours. How far did you go again?? ten miles? And you did the journey from Hindhead crossroads to Guildford in what, ten or fifteen minutes or so??!! Nutter.

  • Tony says:

    Oh yes, and that bag of sweets. 22 POUNDS??!!
    I must admit, to echo the words of the Bean himself, “This bag has so much, Depth..”

  • Tony says:

    Oh wait, final thing..

    Didn’t you compare the size of your member to a piece of, oh wait, sorry, a very SMALL piece of popcorn ???

    Yes, I thought I’d remind you of that..

  • Wibbler says:

    I certainly did see it, and had a splendid time in Pizza Express, the poor people. Very nice car you have too…

  • Wibbler says:

    Oh and thanks AWFULLY for the “final thing”…

  • Jac says:

    I assume it was salty popcorn?

  • Tony says:

    Oh.. uh.. hmm.. actually, I was eating the salty popcorn. You don’t think..?? No, can’t be………

    can it??

    ps.. hi jac. long time! hope all’s well.

  • Alex says:

    sorry can I get this straight? 22 quid on sweets? Some one saw you coming…

    ps Hi Tony!

  • Tony says:

    Hi Alex.. how u doing?

    Yeah, loads of people saw him coming – he is a rather large bloke after all. Although, the bag of sweets was even larger…

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