Windows 2005 on sale…

By December 2, 20033 Comments

Microsoft suffers key software loss – Pirated copies of the next Windows operating system – slated for 2005, is already on sale for around ?1.50. That’s over a year before it’s meant to be finished…


  • Tony says:

    So what difference does it make if it’s over a year away?? It’ll still have as many bugs in it when it comes out as it does now! Good deal I say…

  • Quote : “The company says it would be extremely risky to load the still unstable operating system onto a home computer.”

    Is that Windows XP they are talking about or 2000 or…..

    Quote “Longhorn makes big changes to Windows by altering its filing system, improving security and graphics and make the software less prone to crashes. ”

    Isn’t that what they said about XP?

    Microsoft I may use your products but I still dont belive the crap you spout. Its not like you cant afford to sell these progs for less that half of what you do sell them for,

    You theiving Gipsys

  • ANON... says:

    DUDE! thats like $1 USD!!!!! Vs. the ~$300 XP is in Best buy! (Tandy)

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