Belle De Jour

By December 1, 20032 Comments

Belle de Jour – The Diary of a London Call Girl
Not only is it an interesting insight into the slightly seedy world of London call girls, but the woman should plainly give up and become a writer. She’s very good*…
*at writing. I’ve no idea of how her skills rate in the call girl world…


  • Manic says:

    Where *does* one get a pair of crotchless panties that say; “I’m Blogging This”…?

  • Andy L says:

    Hi I think if you really read & analyze B de J you can pick many holes in it. For instance the very early stuff where she is ‘recruited’ & does her first client – firstly not a sign of nerves, secondly the first client might be th 101st, the way she writes about him.

    There are about 10 more….

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