Blood On His Hands

By November 23, 20033 Comments

From the makers of Grand Theft America (blogged here) comes another powerful message*: Blood On His Hands
* not necessarily backing the theory, just spreading the debate…


  • As those that know me will understand, my dislike of politicians is noted. I do vote, if only so I can b1tch at them and say what you are doing is wrong.

    From the website the animation came from is this

    Shameless, really it is. Bush is a ill informed, power hungry fool. He must be stopped and must not be re-elected. This man agrees with me and he supports Bushes party.

  • ladan says:

    I think you need 2 review ur wrong
    notion on such a carismatic and noble leader like mrBush he has engaged the nations that hate the states and would do anything to see to it that terror is unleashed
    in ur country, and all you can do
    is bitch abt it on ur lousy web page i think people like you are self proclaimed goody 2shoes who do not deserve this wonderful and
    dynamic leader.My prayer is that some1 like u will wake up from ur comfortable slumber of ignorance
    and recognise not just the down side to this man but what he has set out to achieve for a nation that is arrogant and ungrateful like urs,thanks for keeping ur page open for discussion hope 2 hear 4rom u.

  • Wibbler says:

    Ladan – i think you need to realise that not everyone has the same opinion as you.

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