Jacko Mug Shot

By November 21, 20036 Comments

After the man finally surfaces, here it is:
Jacko’s mugshot.
Very, very scary.
I’ll admit, I laughed when I saw it, and then felt guilty.
I wonder if he’s feeling as guilty?


  • paula says:

    Why hasn’t Jacko’s mug shot got numbers across it like other criminals have?

  • Wibbler says:

    A very good point, Paula. It’s probably cropped… but then why would anyone crop it?

  • Jacko Lover says:

    I won’t tell a lie.. i was a little scared too.. until i realized how much of a wonderful man he is and how much i love his body. he is so sexy and his face, voice, moves and attire abosolutly turn me on!!! his hair is so nice! i wonder what kind of conditioner he uses?! how could you not love this man?! so if you have any problems or would just like an autographed picture, i could send you one through the fan club that im president of. Much thanks and love to Michael-Rosemary and Dayna

  • Jac says:

    oh shut up. He’s a paedophile and only got away with it last time because he’s got so much cash. Freak. Lock him up and let the big boys in prison get a hold of him…..

  • Wibbler says:

    Oh Christ, now you’ve done it…

  • What a thought, Jacko and a big prison full of people who could do what he did to the kids (alledgaly), But as has been said before, money can bu a lot of things, and the claim is that people are only after money.

    He is a bit of a freak though whether this is true or not. And his music went crap after Black and White.

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