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By November 10, 200311 Comments

Agony Uncle/Aunt Corner
I have a friend. He has a problem. Can you help?

“I really need to talk it through with someone. I really like her – more than anybody since my last girlfriend, and I think she likes me (otherwise she wouldn’t agree to see me again would she? and my friend has been told by her best friend that she likes me) BUT I don’t want to mess things up and I fear that if I said to her that I wanted to officially ‘go out’ with
her, she might run a mile.

I obviously need to get her drunk.”

Suggestions please, fellow therapists…


  • anon says:

    i’ve been in exactly the same position – what did I do? Nothing! Two years later we’ve both moved on and I’m still wondering what could’ve been! Marvellous!

  • Wibbler says:

    I think you should ask “where this is going”. That way, you’re not giving away what your intentions are, and puts the ball in your court. If she says she wants to go out with you, superb, and if she says she wants to remain friends, you can feign indifference. She may be thinking the same thing as you…

  • Jonny says:

    Your friend seems to lack self-confidence in the female department. Go stright out and ask – she can only say no, and if so theres no point in continuing…

  • A Nonny Mouse says:

    I suppose it a question of weighing up the risks against the potential benefits. In such a scenario, the risk seems to be rejection – which might link in well with the lack of self-confidence mentioned by Jonny. The potential benefit is the chance that she will say yes and then you will be going out with a girl you are really keen on. I’d say ask her, damn it.

  • nick says:

    What would be worse asking her or seeing her with another bloke who did have the guts to ask her?The decision is urs….

  • Wibbler says:

    oooh, a SPLENDID conundrum, Nick…

  • shunta says:

    As I have a good idea of who this person is I would have to say that they would be mad to jac you in. Your a lovely guy and you need a bird that gets on well with mine then we can stick them together and go out and get pissed. After which we stumble home in the mood for love…… (With the birds not each other). Splendid.

  • Jac says:

    your = you’re

  • shunta says:

    I bloody knew you would do that. Stop it.

  • shunta says:

    Any progress?

  • Jac says:

    yeah, come on, we’re all dying to know…..

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