Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes video

By November 9, 20032 Comments


  • rocknation says:

    So this is the latest Durst marketing ploy. He uses a song that’s guaranteed to span generational demographics and get airplay because it’s a ballad. But it’s done at a slothful tempo is and sung in a monotone, while the video has nothing to offer but Halle Berry’s celebrity. In short, it’s business as usual for Durst–whoring for a buck by regurgitating the talents of others. Yech!

  • Wedge says:

    wow, what a mean thing to say!

    I’ve only just realised who Limp Bizkit are, and I’m really coming down on the side of Linkin Park, who, for my money, are great.

    But, wow, I mean, man, what a mean thing to say, Fred Durst is just a guy like you and me, I’m sure he goes to bed at night and worries about what he’s created, hopes that it’s OK.

    I just really see the person before I see the *star*, you seem to think that *stars* are immune to the pressure that humans are under.

    I empathise coz well, I create stuff, and it hurst when people dismiss stuff out of hand.

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