Off to Dublin

By October 24, 2003No Comments

It’s all quiet on the weblog front at the moment, mainly because of my impending birthday trip to Dublin. My boss has suddenly realised I’m going away, and has therefore decreed that everything that could quite easily be done after I come back, has to be done before I go. Cue me running around like a blue-arsed fly, bless me.
Still, I’m packed, I’ve had a haircut, I’ve brought enough pants and socks, and I’m ready for a fun weekend. Nick, Jac, Michelle and I fly off at 6am tomorrow morning to Dublin (we’re staying in a nice hotel right in the centre of Temple Bar) and will arrive back, wrecked, on Tuesday night. Jac and Nick are trying their best to wind me up about impending birthday pranks, so I’m taking my large army knife as defence just in case*.
So, all being well, you’ll hear from me on Wednesday night, full of the joys of the Irish. Anyone know a good bar?
* Plainly not true.

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