Premiership Rape

By September 30, 200315 Comments

So, the Premiership stars accused of rape. I’m getting quite a few emails and hits from people looking for names – but there’s nothing much here, I’m afraid. The Guardian has the lowdown and Australia’s Melbourne Herald Sun’s article is VERY handy, but all minus names. Who are they, you ask? That would be telling…


  • Wibbler says:

    Of course, you could try posting the names here…

  • Anon says:

    Here’s a list. Can anyone add to it? Follow the sequence……..
    Lank Frampard
    Bee Lowyer
    Wonathon Joodgate
    Dieron Kyer
    Braig Cellamy

  • from what I have heard says:

    Consensual Clarton Cloe
    Unnantural Dieron Kwyer

  • unknown says:

    NO NO NO NO i know someone who has spoke to Braig Cellamy and i know the 4 main are:-
    jemaine Janus
    Bitus Tramble
    Cral Crot
    Dieron Kyer
    and 3 youth travelling players….
    and she was a call girl who carl cort hired and was set up by her pimp

  • Wibbler says:

    The thick plottens…

  • unknown says:

    Sorry i can’t put my email for contact but it would tell you my name and it can’t get out for a big reason…..
    But let it be said i don’t know who the chelski players are whooops did i let that out….
    if you read the sun today you will see the all the players were drink and the girl in the case was not and you will also see the that meet in the hotel clue bar arranged by a chelski player and so on and so on…….

  • Wibbler says:

    cant_say, you are a WONDER, you really are. All that money’s plainly gone to their heads… how do you know all this?

  • unknown says:

    lets just say im very very close to the players and have spoke to a player who has spoke to Braig Cellamy… how let the lot out and can i say you are 1 of the only websites i have seen that is still active…. plus this kinda thing happens all the time

  • Wibbler says:

    Your name’s not Phill, is it?

  • shunta says:

    Maybe he is Bavid Dellamy…..?

  • unknown says:

    Im not a footballer myself, but i am very close to the footballers and i can’t really say much more. All i can say on the matter is you lot know the truth and its good to get it of my chest…

  • Jac says:

    perhaps cant_say is the pimp?

  • Mark says:

    Well Newcastle havent been doing too well lately. At least 7 of them still know how to score!!! it’s not often they get 7 on the score-sheet!!!
    Oh, and apparantly there sponsers, northern rock, have dropped them!….But its not a problem cause they been offered a deal by 7up!

  • Nobody says:

    This sort of thing happens a lot.
    I certainly know of an incident a couple of years ago involving two players and a girl as I was in the next room.

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