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From the company that brought you peer-to-peer filesharing through Kazaa – Peer-to-peer phone calls! Skype is a MSN Messenger style application that The Register analyses in detail. It presumably has a shedload of spyware, if past experience tells us anything…


  • Bill Posters says:

    So what’s the point if MSN Messenger does the trick? If it aint broke don’t fix it. Pass the abacus to the luddite in the corner…

  • Wibbler says:

    ahhh, but, you see, a lot of us don’t use MSN Messenger, you see. Like me…

  • Allan says:

    MSN messenger is very good, but there is a snag. The day MSN decide not to run the server it goes through is the day every one relying on it loses contact with their friends.

    I understand that Skype is peer to peer and sound only so I don’t know what it so new about it.

    Netmeeting will connect to the other party just by entering his/her IP and give you video and file transfer too.

    Regards Allan.

  • Anson Zeall says:

    So what IS the difference between Skype and MSN Messenger??? I seriously want to know. More tecnical information is welcome . Thanks!

  • Wibbler says:

    Skype has incredible sound quality. And that’s it’s major bonus. MSN can do Audio and video conversations, but the quality of it makes it barely worth doing. And another thing – Skype can call landlines now…

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