MSBlast – the Wibbler Survival Guide

By August 19, 20032 Comments

Right, that’s it. After helping 5 people (and my entire office) clear the MSBlast virus off their computers in the last 4 days, I thought I’d post what to do. Then I can lazily waft the next enquiry to this post.
So here goes.
MSBlast – The Wibbler Survival Guide
(here’s the virus lowdown)
1. Deactivate your System Restore if you have Windows XP.
2. Download to disk the “fixblast.exe” file from Symantec.
3. Run fixblast.exe.
4. Download relevant Microsoft patch, so it doesn’t happen again: for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003.
5. Reactivate System Restore


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