Bar Mambo and Alex

By August 18, 2003No Comments

Where do you go for a cheap night out in Guildford? Surprisingly, it’s Bar Mambo. Their newest promotion, ?5 entry, free drinks until 10pm, is a corker, especially when you’ve chronically overspent withg 12 days to go until payday. On Friday night, Michelle and I rolled up, found a prime table, and waited for Nick and girlfriend Sarah. We waited some more. Nick is notorious for bad timekeeping, and managed to rock up around 50 minutes late. Sarah blamed it on Nick, and we of course fully believed her. We moved to Bar Med as Shunta and Lucy arrived, and a very good night was had – I got fairly sozzled on the ?5, which I think is probably a financial record. Debtometer WILL be pleased.

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