No emails, no friends

By August 11, 20036 Comments

It was a sad state of affairs when late this morning, on the basis that I hadn’t received an email for at LEAST half an hour, I assumed my email system to be broken. I duly phoned the company, who confirmed everything was in order.
And then went on to suggest that the cause was perhaps a lack of friends.


  • Elli says:

    Bless! I’ll be your friend!

  • Wibbler says:

    Very good of you, possum! Any more?

  • nyree says:

    i’ll be ur friend

  • cynthia says:

    Iam looking for some friends to email,Please email me any time.I am 33 years old. And been married for 14 years. with 4 children,and one grand baby.

  • baker says:

    hi, you are my friend too! e-mail
    me at

  • sam says:

    hi dear…

    my name is Sam, I’m 32 years old, Italian…. born in Italy and working in Dubai.
    I studied political science, working in business imports papers, manager of a small company.
    I’m single outgoing person…., full of hobbies; riding, traveling, cooking, antique collector…etc.
    but to tell you the truth… I’m a maniac of sex, especially foot, you con say I’m an addicted by delicious foot.
    I adore to worship toes…, to do the pedicures…, to sleep and spending my life under them…, to be there slave…, and waiting to become your slave !.
    it will be very nice from you if you send me a photos of them.
    take care, and write soon.


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