Wanted: World’s Best Programmer

By August 2, 200313 Comments


  • Nas says:

    Hi you still looking for the worlds best programmer, what u trying to program?

  • Alex says:

    If you still need the worlds best programmer, you can hire me.
    Andy Koenig, Anders Heilsberg, Bjarne Stroustroup and Larry Wall were all my students…
    My salary proposal is 20.000.000$ /month.
    Is ok?

  • Luigi C. says:

    I’m Luigi C. the best damn programmer in the world.

    C++ pwns all languages ever.

    Respect to Bjarne Stroustrup though.

  • Muhammad Farooq says:

    well donno about the best programmer…..BUT…hire me if u need a dumb mind…i am serious

  • Alberto says:

    Hi, i am Mexican, and i am the best industrial automation programmer. Why? try Ask me.

  • name99 says:

    the world’s best hacker/programmer is the one you never heard of…

    what is c/c++ the best programmer can read codes just by looking at the hex editors code’s asm machine code rules…

  • loop says:

    you’ll be proud of what you are the best programmer in the world..or a professional programmer or hacker..i can’t say any thing about myself..even me i don’t know who really me..many people say im crazy about computer.

  • Mohammad Usman Adil says:

    well i dont know anything…..
    i just know 1 language an that’s c/c++….am able to do anything with c/c++ by the grace of GOD.wanan hire me it will cost u 9000000000$ month

  • kimutio k m says:

    i can do some coding in java.

  • Me says:

    I own HTML, but that’s like no programming code.

  • Meee says:

    Hey Folkss…..

    I just started….but…i will be the one ..in another 4 years…if anyone wannna bet….wait and seee…..

  • Akeem says:

    i realy is not yet a good programmer, but i’m working towards becoming one.can i get an online tutor?

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