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By July 29, 20032 Comments

There’s been one entry that has been bubbling with comments for over a year now: my post on a friend appearing in Young, Posh and Loaded. Every month or so, another comment pops up from someone I don’t know, and while that is obviously a good thing (the comments facility is for comments, and they’re commenting, yay), it kind of freaks me. Why are they so interested in it? How the hell are they finding the link? And who the hell is Jules?


  • Mel says:

    Jules, just so happens to be one of my friends, saw him only the other week. Still as gorgeous and rude as ever!!! Can’t believe “Maz” fancied Oli, how funny is that!

  • Vincent says:

    I knew Donatella ages ago. She’s changed. Not hoping to become friends again. I was looking at the posh, young and loaded thread and someone posed as me. Funny. I do not have a girlfriend. Having a great time being single. Very impressed that I have a fan ‘Katie’.

    Hi Katie.

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