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By July 28, 20035 Comments

Well, I didn’t vote for them.
The government-liasing Student Loans Company this weekend announced that the interest on Student Loans held with them would double to 3.2%. Yep, that’s me done for.
And, as the icing on the cake, today’s Daily Mail warned me of Labour’s plans to tax speeding tickets and, more importantly, parking fines. Of which I get about 3 a month (well, it’s cheaper than paying Surrey County Council’s parking charges…).
Time to think about student bankruptcy, no?


  • Jac says:


  • Jac says:

    when New Labour came to power, they promised they wouldn’t increase taxes. So what have they done? Increased everything else – National Insurance, Council Tax, Parking Fines, Student Loans repayments to name but a few. VOTE CONSERVATIVE.

  • Wibbler says:

    Right on, bro

  • ginny says:

    Bloody liars, this government. Tell me something about which they have not lied or cheated. Bring back sleaze, I say; at least it was good, wholesome heterosexual sex. Nothing weird or alien to the English culture or mankind in general. How could anyone vote for this lot again, I ask! Corrupt, lying, spendthrift, cheating, nepotistic (?), self-serving cronies. And has one of them had a proper job where they had to earn money to support their families?

  • Jac says:

    nepotism = Favoritism shown or patronage granted to relatives, as in business.

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