Nick’s birthday

By June 22, 2003One Comment

It’s Nick’s birthday next Wednesday, and to celebrate just how old he is, Michelle , Jac and I rocked up to the Pyrford Cricket Club, near Woking, for a bit of a bash. Highlights include thoroughly embarrassing Nick on the cricket pitch; embarrassing Nick in front of his new “girlfriend”; presenting Nick with a confetti donkey; Jac’s constant grammatical corrections; discussing in a slightly paedophilic way about our favourite S Club Junior band member; and remarking that for all the current media blitz about the new Directory Enquiries numbers, the old 192 number still works perfectly well. A full, and frankly brilliant, report is over on – go on, have a read

One Comment

  • Paul says:

    I would like to point out that the very same conversation about 192 happened at the BBQ you came to in Penge the other week…you were probably too busy spilling things to notice, though, so I’ll forgive you. Just this once.

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