NTL Email Madness

By June 16, 20034 Comments


  • I had to change my service this weekend to the new ntl:freedom service which is very stupid.

    1.My emails have been redirected to another computer that also uses the connection. luckily I sorted it out being computer literate but I imagine how many people wont know how to. the emails were important and now alot of my clients are upset because there has been no communication. THis is annoying

    2. the stupid ntl dialler thing. I cannot close it and stay online. It is irritating as I often have lots of windows open on my pc and this just takes up space. I want to use the standard windows one not something else.

    Now all my emails will have to be changed to hotmail or some other online service because ntl cannot obviosly be trusted and we will soon be moving to Pipex or freeserve!

    It was fine as it was!

    can anyone send me ntls email addy so i can tell em wot i think plz

    thnks mat

  • jeanettestock says:

    I have been unable to access my hotmail e mail for threeweeks and more I cannot get downloads to up grades I am at the end of my tether as I have had some help but nothing works my computer is going haywire

  • brian clark says:

    I seem to have lost all connection with my e-mail address at N T L i have not been able to access it since the start of June and I use this address on all my internet business

    I am very frustrated

    Can you help

  • Osman says:

    You think you lot have got it bad I havent had access to my outlook express email address since i got the service 9 months ago

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