Week Off, and fun generally.

By June 2, 20036 Comments

Flap flap. Flap scrEEEECH BANG.
That is what I now know to be the sound of a large bird hitting my car, which was hurtling along at an illegally-rapid 90 mph. The poor thing thing never stood a chance, and left most of its lower intestines sprawled over my entire windscreen. It was then, of course, that I discovered the feathered fool’s final act of defiance – the blasted thing had broken the one part of my wipers that would have got the internal organs off my windscreen.
Still, it was amusing end to a week off work for Michelle and I. It had started off pretty amusingly too. A hugely warm afternoon ushered in a very exciting visit to the Surrey County Show, I was amazed by the variety of bullocks on display. After running scared of a couple of angry looking cows, I managed to find a seat next to a horse show. The heat was plainly getting to them, and as one especially angry mare came flying round the corner, it reared up and thoughtfully showed me its two front horseshoes. I became unnerved, and promptly fell off the bench, landing flat on my back to the chorus of laughter from everyone around. Well done me.
The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, with Michelle and I flitting aimlessly between her house and my house. Michelle, bless her, came in very useful – after a quick dust, a nifty clean and a rampant rearranging of my furniture, my room is much more comfy. I shall bring her round every week.
In the final throes of my holiday, we visited Jac’s house in Watford for a swift half or twelve in the various bars there. Obviously, it was carnage, and involved a rapid invention of two new dance moves, one of which was called Motor Neurone. It basically involved the movement of your thumb, as if twiddling a joystick, followed by a sudden forward movement across the dancefloor. Tasteless, I know, but blame Jac.
So, thats that then. I was back at work today, fixing all the problems they were building up for me, and entertaining my IT boss. And, to top it all, I’m currently sitting in a superbly built, all leather chair, freshly built for computer-oggling.


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