Mastercare Nightmare

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I recently made the discovery that Dixons, Currys and PC World are actually all the same company. They’re all large high street retailers, and all frankly rubbish, as Jac found out on his recent trip to PC World. And i’ve just stumbled a detailed log of one customer’s catalogue of chaos with Dixons in Guildford, a website simply called Mastercare Nightmare. The IT news site The Register tells the story, and she’s managed to get press coverage as far away as New Zealand. Her website is new well-known enough to have stopped at ?270,000 of business going their way. You go, girl!


  • Arsehole says:

    What’s really ironic is the advert for Currys that BlogSpot have brilliantly placed at the top of that page. “Reputable retailer” it quotes. And in other news, I’ve switched from blogger to MT. That software rules.

  • Wibbler says:

    Yes, MT really is the mutts nads. About to launch a Pro version (for money, naturally).

  • pauline says:

    My son worked for mastercare in a call centre until he was dismissed from work…Wait for it…
    2 days before christmas…Not only do they treat customers badly they treated my son bad to and I believe it was through jealousy because he passed his packard bell exam and he was seen as a threat not only that but because i intervened into some of the personal comments that was made about my son I recieved an email from the call centre with an exe file attached (potential virus) my son managed to pick their server up on my computer.

  • linda walsh says:

    after reading this pauline i was disgusted with what i read.that was a horrible thing to do to your son.and if thats how the company opperates then i certainly wont buy anything from the dixons group.or e-mail them with a computer problem just incase they sent me a virus down.good luck to you jac .i wish we had your courage over here in the move away from shopping at the dixons group.

  • MASTERCARE says:


  • MASTERCARE says:


  • keiran says:

    the mastercare comment was obvioulsy not actually posted by a member from their team it shows how petty and childish some people can be

    i work in currys and we recently had a customer who had bought a laptop from comet she had a problem with the laptop and comet said to her “we dont know what we are meant to do in this situation” so i set about creating her recovery disks so she could reboot her laptop as it was clear to me that she had a virus she went away very happy might i add

    so bash currys all you like but at least we know whats meant to happen to our products if they go faulty

  • Call Agent says:

    I Currently work for mastercare who are the customer services teams for DSG despite the slander ive read about here,

    i try my best to sort out the name of that company by offering the highist level of service i can possible i dont let the customer go untill the problem has bin fixed or i have sent out an engineer that has the right parts to sort out the job

    there are some people in that call center that are there just for the wage and not to actully help anyone, it is there kind of behaviour that gives mastercare a bad name,

    generally the customer service that i give out is of the high level and the team i am in i try and make them do the same but not all the people in my team really care we get customer phone up complaing about there computer going wrong when it is the software on the machine that they have installed that makes the computer go wrong they then yell at us putting us in a bad mood and making us feel that is ppl are just going to shout then what is the point, if customer would just phone up in a nice calm mood and NOT shout then the call center would be alot better palce to work in and also alot better place for everyone to call

  • Steve says:

    ‘Mastercare is good’? Obviously sent in by a lobotomised Mastercare public relations person.
    In the 1980’s I worked for Mastercare for six months. I replaced video recorder heads in customers video recorders and was told to charge the customer £150 (the heads costing Mastercare £13, trade price), and if they asked whether the repair was covered by their maintenance contract, tell them yes. Of course it wasn’t and when the customers tried to claim the money back they were told to look amongst the masses of very small print which told them they couldn’t.
    I questioned this, asking the manager Jim Cosgrove (now manager at their Livinston branch) if this was ethical and right.
    I was told that the customers should read the small print and that they paid the money which paid my wages.
    I was told later that day by the assistant manager that I should not have asked him that.
    At the end of the week I was paid off. The reason being ‘unsuitable for the job’.
    After six months?
    Here’s one for the Mastercare supporter:-
    Q. How do you tell when a Mastercare worker is lying?
    A. Their lips move.

  • Joe says:

    I also was an engineer with Mastercare in the 1980s under the same manager. Interesting varied work made completely intolerable by management and company demanding too much work in too little time.
    I found the same manager spying on me in the evening near my home to see if I was doing private work. ( He didn’t know I also had my own car!!!) Had to do private work as the wages for an engineer were very poor.
    I found another job as a field engineer with a scientific instrument company whom I was with for 31 years until I retired. As employers it was the difference between night and day compared to Mastercare and Dixon’s group.

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