Act of War

By April 17, 20035 Comments
Dead Iraqi Soldier.jpg
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  • sdfa says:

    Crispy critter. . . .

    Got milk?

  • me says:


  • S. MacKenzie says:

    This photograph of a dead Iraqi soldier caught in retreat on the road to Bazrah says everything that ever needed to be said about modern warfare.

    It was carried by one British newspaper (on page 7) shortly after the end of the first Gulf War but rejected by American Newspapers and Associated Press, as it did not carry the kind of image that America wanted its public to see.

    In a war during which the main bulk of images released were clinically controlled demonstrations of military technology, the photographers own handwritten caption says it all.

    “If a country is big enough to start a war, then it should be big enough to face up to its consequences.” – Kenneth Jarecke (American Photojournalist)

  • Bill the Butcher says:

    I do not exactly see how calling a dead Iraqi soldier “crispy critter” is helpful. If it was an American soldier in the same circumstances, I wonder how the previous posters would have reacted. Probably very differently.

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