Course: Day One

By March 25, 2003No Comments

Yesterday was the start of my week long course in SQL. I won’t bore you with the details, save to say that it’s going to do my career no end of good. I was a little bleary-eyed after the previous night’s events, and wandered into the car park, only to have my ears rudely assaulted by the sight of my SQL trainer. He drew up in a bright red sports car, exhausts vibrating the surrounding foliage, and jumped out, ready for action. It was his hair that first made me laugh – a bright yellow Eminem-style barnet on top on a distinctly middle-aged man. The next sign of madness was his bright green bow tie and matching waistcoat. “Christ,” I thought. “Blimey,” I uttered, moments later.
Sadly, the rest of the day didn’t have anything remotely noteworthy, and there were no audible sneezes in the hotel kitchen that night. The bombs are still falling, but the power cuts have stopped. It’s all settled down.

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