IQ Test

By March 18, 20033 Comments

“Your IQ is significantly more powerful than the average for your income bracket.” *blush*. It appears I’m only being paid for a small percent of my IQ, something I’ve been telling my manager for at least a year. Try out the Guardian IQ Test yourself. Go on.
See the full glory by clicking the picture below.



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  • shunta says:

    Apparently I need a larger pay rise than you so shut up moaning. I scored a 10 compared to your rather pathetic 8.

  • Rory Brennan says:

    A good iq test. I think it could have a better variety of questions though. I think the layout of the test could be better, with some colour.I scored 120+.Thats about right for me,as I usually have scored between 120-133 in previous iq tests.E-mail me if you develop any new iq tests. Thanks.

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