Tumbling BT share price

By March 12, 20033 Comments

The stock market’s falling as fast as my bank balance, and, to lighten your day, here’s a graph showing my BT shares. Funnily enough I was very close to selling them in January 2000 to help with beer money…(click to see the full, pitiful image)



  • Jac says:

    at least you HAVE shares, though. As soon as the war is over and the economy improves, they’ll go up again. They’re BT shares for goodness sake, of course they’ll go up. Eventually.

  • Wibbler says:

    Yes. I also have shares in Durex – They’re bound to go up…

  • Dan says:

    The comms market peaked and you missed your chance to get raging drunk with that kind of beer money.

    Expect to be on the Shadys from here on in because since 2000 the BT share price has hardly moved and BT’s revenue streams continue to decline with competiton and price reductions through technological advances.

    Still, that’s progress for you!

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