Dublin and Simcity

By January 22, 2003One Comment

Tum te tum. It’s been a fairly standard week so far, with the only real excitment being when Michelle, bless her, not only bought me some longed for socks (I’m easy to please, me), but also the simply superb Simcity 4 game, something that enabled me to stay up until 1am this morning. She’s also finally got Jac, Nick and I to commit to a 3-day trip to Dublin on my birthday, an idea which almost wrecked Shunta’s relationship. And all this while managing to get 2 weeks off work. Bit of a result for her this week…
I would rant about the bloody useless car garage, but I’ll save that for tomorrow…

One Comment

  • Michelle says:

    i hope you’re looking forward to drinking that lovely black stuff they call guiness.(i’m not)!

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