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An awful lot of people write in to who say that they would have loved to write some comments on the posts that pop up occasionally here, or contribute to the site in some way, but they didn’t think they should. But you see, that’s what the comments link is there for – a chance to tell everyone what on earth you’re thinking, ask why on earth I could have posted something so dull, and what on earth I was doing going to a pantomime when I’m 24 years old. It melts my butter to see new people tapping their thoughts/criticisms/downright rudeness into this little site, so, come on, don’t be afraid.
Although of course if this post doesn’t get any comments, then this subtly turns into an ironic statement…


  • Ginny says:

    THANKS A MILLION SIMON. THE BEST NIGHT I HAVE HAS FOR A VERY LONG TIME. THANKS FOR THE THOUGHT and THE DEED. What can I say about the Beanstalk Outing? I nearly dropped my snifter during the Interval when Simon admitted that my whole office had been set up to let ME believe that everyone was leaving at 3.30pm on Monday 23rd December. I remember Gavin (my Boss) discussing the rota for Christmas and standing beside my desk saying “…need to discuss the next couple of weeks …. Monday we are all leave at 3.30pm…etc…Office closed Friday… etc” The Greatest Colluder of All Time. They all knew at Marriott & Co. And SIMON HAD SET THEM UP! I have suggested that next year there should be a Marriott & Co. pantomime – they are all such good actors! THANKS A MILLION SIMON. THE BEST NIGHT I HAVE HAS FOR A VERY LONG TIME. THANKS FOR THE THOUGHT. GLAD YOU DID NOT LOSE THE TICKETS. AND I HOPE PAULA AND MICHELLE ENJOYED THE WHOLE SHOW AS MUCH AS WE DID. JUST…JUST.. BRILLIANT!!

  • Jac says:

    what’s a snifter and how do you drop one?

  • shunta says:

    Well done to Ginny for the longest quote ever. It was so long that I didn’t actually bother to read it.

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