Christmas/New Year updates

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In the words of several people this week, “Why the bloody hell haven’t you updated” Well, in true FHM style, here’s the long overdue:

‘What Wibbler’s been doing this week (and a half)’

  • Went with my girlfriend and both sets of parents to the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime in Guildford. Utterly brilliant (Oh no it wasn’t…) and fully regressed into childhood.
  • Got an extremely noisy Christmas card from Michelle.
  • Got wonderful presents from parents and girlfriend, including a Playboy Zippo lighter
    (all i have to do now is start smoking), a car kit, 2 sets of drinking games including shot glasses, a Yves St Laurent top, a Matchbox Twenty music DVD, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the Playstation 2, a Projector clock, a mini Ice Hockey game, toiletries, a book and some sweets. And other stuff.

  • Reminisced at drunken youth in Cinderellas nightclub. Ahh, the memories of that shoebox-sized club…
  • Worked. Far too much.
  • Visited aging relatives in Kent, and found it remarkably enjoyable.
  • Developed a new, fruit-themed, minimalist design for
  • Found out at a New Years Eve party in Tooting that a recent friend is the bloke who writes the headline one-liners on Sky News. Cue a night of developing puns for his next day’s work, including: Chink in the Armour (story: Chinese army trouble), Out On A Limb (story: dismembered remains found in London), Water Disaster (story: Floods around the UK), Saddam Shame (story: impending war on Iraq), I Have A Very Large Hangover (story: he was VERY drunk last night).
  • Watched in sheer amazement as Jac blew up a balloon, only for it to explode in his face.
  • Realised that I am surrounded by the greatest, kindest and funniest bunch of tykes I could wish for. And, including my girlfriend, my closest female friends are all gorgeous to boot.
  • Discovered at same party that all Jac and I need in order to have fun is to be in the same room together.

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to wars, global financial depression, and a pay rise…

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