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And I thought NTL were bad.
Barclays really are Class A goons. Over the past few weeks, their inescapably incompetant skills have left me speechless. After they bungled my Graduate Loan to such an extent that they took ?750 out of my account one morning, I fired off a letter detailing everything thats happened so far – with the more than capable overseeing eyes of Jac and my parents (here it is – letter 1). Then, astonishingly, they sent me another letter, from THE VERY PERSON I addressed the first letter to. It claimed I had defaulted on my loan, and that I would be taken to court, with interest being charged at 18 pence a day. Bah humbug. Off went the second letter (here it is – Letter 2). I even included my charges to date, and told them I was charging them interest at 40 pence a day. That should do it.


  • nick says:

    I can see u have gone to great trouble to hide the identity of the said person at barclays bank.Therefore it is a pity u have 4gotten to delete the said person off of ur invoice good work old chap.!!chuckle

  • Wibbler says:

    Duly changed, nick, duly changed. *phew*

  • a visitor says:

    heres my tip:go straight to the top-write to the chief exec with your complaint-i did and after a few hundred letters(over a few months) they wrote off my ?650 overdraft and all “charges”!marvellous!

  • Mel says:

    Almost as good as my two page letter to the council asking for our ?50 dumping fine to be lifted!! Don’t ask…

  • shunta says:

    You need to put in an indemnity claim under the direct debit guarantee. Careful though as I am part of the Barclays workforce.

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