Page 3 Shocker

By October 15, 2002One Comment

Did anyone get the News of the World newspaper on Sunday? Read the Dear Jane page at all? Not only did I read it (it’s highly informative, let me tell you), but IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when the photo strip of the Problem of the Week featured one of my colleagues, a budding actor. “I want you so much”, “babe” and other similarly amusing things he’s meant to have said, sprawled over the page for all to see. How I laughed. And laughed. Tears streamed down my face as I handed the paper to each and every person in the office, and finished by posting the cut out item on the noticeboard under the heading “Daily Smut – Budding Actor in Page 3 Girl Shock”. Thorough humiliation is richly deserved. Rob himself cowered hiding behind a completely different and plainly less amusing paper…

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