Tony Ho – Bols Champion

By October 13, 20022 Comments

So there I was, going about my daily working chores, when Simon B phones up. And laughs. And laughs some more. After 30 seconds, I tire of the suspense, and ask what the hell’s the matter. Well, he explains, our friend Tony H had phoned a few weeks ago, asking him to go to Amsterdam for a few days, all fully paid for by Bols, the drinks makers. Declining the offer on the grounds that it sounded implausible, he continued to be intrigued, and looked on the Bols website a few weeks later. And there, on the Bols Masters Championship page, was, unbelievably, Tony H. Scrolling down, sheer astonishment must have devoured Simon B’s face, as it did mine – there was The Winner of the World Championships – TONY. Tony and his Crumble Appletini. Simply amazing. Go and have a look for yourselves – a true master of the cocktail!


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