Shunta’s Engaged

By September 28, 2002One Comment

I tell you, this internet oasis I’m in at the moment is not an easy place to survive. NTL still haven’t delivered anything remotely useful, and one of our computers has succombed to 3 viruses, suspiciously close to our signing up with NTL. Hell, my extensive (although I do say it myself) computer support skills are being tested to the max at the moment. The poor computer is a bit better, but still a little sniffly, so I still can’t really reply to any emails. Which, frankly, is disastrous.
Oh, and a little piece of minor news. Shunta’s JUST GOT ENGAGED. Christ, him of all people! Jac and I are limbering up for the best men speeches, mainly revolving around a song named simply “BucketWoman”.
I’ll let your imaginations run wild with that one…

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